Campout Workshops, Artists, & Offerings

Amphibian Roots

Embodied Yoga Flow

SATURDAY 9:00am (75min) in Love Bubble

Dive into an embodied yoga flow with complete openness to discover some new beliefs! This evolved way of thinking about moving from our bio-intelligence versus bio-mechanics will allow a rediscovery of the relationship to yourself and the universe and restore your fluid nature back to it's infinite potential.

 with Melody Benton of Amphibian Roots SUPrimal Movement

Parkour - Eric Summers.jpg

Parkour Play and Slackin'

SATURDAY 10:15am (75mins) in Connection Trees

Learn basic parkour skills on mats and vaults and hone your balance on the slackline.

with Eric Summers from Lache

Prana Natura - Joshua Wise.jpg

PRANA NATURA - BReath empowerment

SATURDAY 11:15am (75min) in Love Bubble

A powerful, communal breath healing. Reset your mind, body, and nervous system to ascend to your highest self!

with Joshua Whisenhunt


Wild Woman Archetype Tea Sit

SATURDAY 12:30pm (60 mins) in Connection Trees

We will place our attention to our bodies and the tea, purposely inviting ancestral wisdom from the women of our lineages and discuss the wild woman archetype.


with Vanessa Cabrales

Taelor Monroe.jpg

Sustainable food sources

SATURDAY 1:30pm (60min) in Love Bubble

Your food decisions are at the core of how you can make a major impact on the environment and local economy. At this workshop you will learn specifically where to source the bulk of your diet that is healthiest for our mother earth, local farmers, AND your body! BONUS: tips and tricks for growing your own

with Taelor Monroe from Austin Permaculture Guild


Intro to Acroyoga

SATURDAY 2:30pm in Connection Trees

Lean into your connection. This partnered practice helps develop good communication, presence, and deep listening. Come learn basic synchronization techniques, counter balances, and L-basing basic flows. You will do something you've never done before! No partner or experience necessary. All experience levels are welcome.

with Jenna Jasso & Jeremy Robinson of Austin Holistic FItness

Arttemis Keszainn
Arttemis Keszainn.png

The vision process

SATURDAY 3:00pm (60mins) in Love Bubble

Do you seek more financial stability? Are you looking to find your purpose in life that gives you BOTH financial security and a sense of fulfillment? The size of your life is determined by the DEPTH of your VISION. Join Arttemis from Windows Into Wellness and The Living Well Method as he shares how he overcame 80,000 worth of debt and created a business and life that he LOVES! Learn the secrets of how you can achieve greater leadership, crystal clear vision, and the tools to technologies to make your vision manifest with deep purpose and enthusiasm!

with Arttemis Keszainn of Windows Into Wellness

Also leading Personal Power Activation SAT 10:30am (30min) in Love Bubble

Moon Medicine - Diana

moon medicine magic

SATURDAY 4:30pm (60min) in Love Bubble

Immerse yourself in lunar love with an interactive guided meditation, some soothing sound healing and an invigorating energy exchange.

with Diana Lane of Heal Austin


EcoVillages 101 - Greening Your Life

SATURDAY 3:45pm in Connection Trees

Our world is rapidly transforming. What does our future look like and how can you be proactive in creating change and resilience? In this workshop find out how others are creating a difference through creation and collaboration of living spaces. I will include examples from many types of ecovillages, ranging from tribal gatherings to spiritually expansive communities to off the grid technologically advanced spaces.

with Chloe Buzzotta from Global EcoVillage Network

Agnihotra Image - Danny S.jpg

Full Moon sunset Fire Meditation

SATURDAY 7:15pm in Love Bubble

Fire Ceremony and Meditation. We will recite the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, followed by 15 minutes of group meditation. The Mantra means "Victory Over Death." It is a life-sustaining practice, the chanting of which enables us to achieve victory in life, open our third eye, and experience oneness with our eternal selves.

with Erin Hickok & Gautham Bodepudi

9136ECE0-0B15-4A92-8A69-410A04B30CAD - Neil Dumra.jpeg

Cacao Ceremony

SATURDAY 8:30pm in Love Bubble

Together we will connect to our intentions for the next cycle and harness the healing and activating powers of sacred cacao medicine.  The spirit of Cacao will awaken our dance and open our hearts to celebrate the full moon of Spring balance. 

Cacao Provided by Neil Dumra of 3rd Eye Tonic

Ceremony led by Jenna Jasso

Feminine%2FMAsculine (1).png

Feminine/Masculine Harmony

SUNDAY 10:00am in Love Bubble

The divine union between the feminine and the masculine gives birth to life—yet there is so much confusion around healthy interaction between these energies in our world.
Join us in exploring healthy expressions of femininity and masculinity, and letting go of unhealthy conditioning that shows up in our lives and in partnership. We look forward to holding space for you to understand how the feminine and masculine are expressed through you, and how you can cultivate love and balance with these energies in your life.

with Jenna Jasso and Michael Fenchel


Slow Flow & Meditation

SUNDAY 9:15am (60min) in Love Bubble

Wake up slow on Sunday morning with this sweet and soulful flow class. We'll move gently, breathe deeply and gradually drop into stillness allowing you to integrate all the magic of the weekend and emerge with a deep sense of relaxation and renewal.

with Morgan Malia


specialtea time


Back by popular demand... we will have GongFu Cha service throughout the weekend for your sipping pleasures. A taste of Chinese culture under the stars, and Full Moon!


With Charles Holmes

54A76FC3-D7AC-47AF-A84C-56548D329A4C - Conscious Cleaning Company.jpeg

Pandorastar - hypnagogic light experience


A deep trance meditation device, PandoraStar uses flickering light to guide you into experiencing beneficial brainwave activity. An immersive meditation experience under the full moon and stars ✨

Healing Entertainment


Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 4.09.25 PM.png

SOUNDSELF is a sensual exploration game about the intrinsic pleasure of playing, instead of the rewards of winning YOU use your voice to explore a hypnotic world of sounds and visuals that feel like they are emerging directly from your body. Each tone will navigate you through strobing tunnels-of-light, impossible shapes, and into a meditative trance. The result is elegant symmetry of image, sound, and body, that takes advantage of loopholes in the way you perceive, to facilitate a new experience of yourself and your world.  

Brought to you by Robin Arnott, Creator of Soundself

SHADOWSWEATPRFILE 3 - Aaron Benavides.jpg


SATURDAY 10pm-12am in Love Bubble

providing eclectic rhythms from around the cosmos. surprises and sudden turns await you, the only thing you can expect is that you will be dancing!