Jenna Jasso

FOUNDER/creative director

Jenna walked away from her career as a Mechanical Engineer to follow her heart's call to a higher purpose.  She started LoveATX in early 2011, with a vision to evolve our culture into harmony with ourselves, each other, and our planet. She organizes and facilitates transformational group experiences which expand conscious awareness, awaken a sense of purpose, cultivate compassion, encourage connection, and empower individuals and groups to overcome the challenges of today. She is also a permaculture designer, certified by Austin Permaculture Guild. More at


Dane Hurt

Cheif storyteller/Videographer

Dane Hurt is a filmmaker who wants to help the world with his art. He was once a Mormon missionary, then went to art school in NYC. Through this, he became an anarchist/atheist and went to live on communes, until one of them turned out to be a scam. Disillusioned in every possible concept at this point, he went to Hollywood to sell his soul to the Illuminati but instead received a grand vision from God through which he knew he must return to his sacred homeland of Texas and help the Rainbow Tribe save the world. Hence, Love ATX. :)


Erin Hickok

Connectress/web weaver

Erin Hickok (AKA The Connectress) is a games creator and business advisor with more than two decades of leadership development experience. Challenging childhood experiences put her on a path of transformation and healing at an early age. Her deep compassion for people and passion for play have led her to adapt and gamify personal growth techniques to maximize joy and foster lasting transformation. Her most recent creation, Cards for Connection, is a series of card games designed to uplift humanity through the power of play and human connection.