Campout Workshops, Artists, & Offerings

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sunrise agnihotra meditation

SATURDAY 6:30am in Connection Trees

Fire Meditation. We will recite the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, followed by 15 minutes of group meditation. The Mantra means "Victory Over Death." It is a life-sustaining practice, the chanting of which enables us to achieve victory in life, open our third eye, and experience oneness with our eternal selves.

with Gautham Bodepudi

Metta Yoga

Metta Yoga

SATURDAY 9:30am in Love Bubble

Expand your heart, and cultivate love and compassion through a metta infused movement practice.   Open yourself to the healing, harmonious vibrations of goodwill, extend forgiveness, and let go of anything that is weighing on your heart. Reclaim your truth and your power through this practice in letting go and choosing love. 

w/ Jenna Jasso


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Parkour Play and Slackin' w/ Eric Summers

SATURDAY 10:15am in Connection Trees

Learn basic parkour skills on mats and vaults and hone your balance on the slackline.

with Eric Summers from Lache

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PRANA NATURA - BReath empowerment

SATURDAY 11:30am in Love Bubble

A powerful, communal breath catharsis. Reset your mind, body, and nervous system to ascend to your highest self!

with Joshua Whisenhunt

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Journal: write your story

SATURDAY 1:00pm in Connection Trees

Do you want to learn how to use a powerful tool for self-knowledge, performance enhancement, connection, intimacy, mystical accomplishment, and improving the quality of your life? Louis Brantmeyer, author of more than FIFTY journals over 22 years, initiates you powerfully into the joy, discovery, fun, and sheer POWER to be found in the practice of consistent journaling!

with Louis Brantmeyer

Soul Connection

Soul connection workshop

SATURDAY 1:30pm in Love Bubble

It's all about reaching that Namaste Place, and then receiving tools to return there anytime, anywhere, with anyone you wish, regardless of circumstances. The world is a very different place when we walk this Walk.

with Brian Kurtz of  Healed by Spirit


Acroyoga Basics and beyond

SATURDAY 2:30pm in Connection Trees

Lean into your connection. This partnered practice helps develop good communication, presence, and deep listening. Come learn basic synchronization techniques, counter balances, and L-basing basic flows. You will do something you've never done before! No partner or experience necessary. All experience levels are welcome.

with Jeremy Robinson of Austin Holistic FItness

Kimberly Mae Dill

environmental philosophy & nature meditation

SATURDAY 3:15pm in Love Bubble

In this workshop, we will begin by discussing two philosophical theories that recommend diverging ways of relating to the non-human, natural world: relationalism and separatism. We will then briefly look at the empirical literature in environmental psychology which indicates that adopting a relationalist worldview has measurable health benefits. We will then use a nature-based meditative technique to cultivate a deeper sense of connection (and a deeper relationship) with the natural world.

with Kimberly Dill

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Presence and nature connection

SATURDAY 4:15pm in Connection Trees

Connect with nature and each other and arrive in the present moment with guided group and individual activities. Blind folded string stalk, Find a Tree, and the sharing of an ancient story.

with Lindsay Loftin founder of Mermaids for Clean Water 

Moon Medicine - Diana

feel it to heal it

SATURDAY 4:45pm in Love Bubble

A multifaceted Movement and meditation arts experience that guides participants in to their hearts and souls, followed by a guided energy exchange to heal and harmonize.

with Diana Lane of Moon Medicine

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Cultivating Deeper Relationships

SATURDAY 6:00pm in Love Bubble

Connection, our cure for a pandemic of social isolation.  How can you find space to grow more rooted into the relationships that matter most, as you weave your network of synergistic friends and leaders?  Together we will cultivate the skills and awareness needed to catalyze a new movement of deeper connection.

with Erin Hickok founder of Cards for Connection

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Cacao Ceremony

SATURDAY 8:30pm in Love Bubble

Together we will connect to our intentions for the next cycle and harness the healing and activating powers of sacred cacao medicine.  The spirit of Cacao will awaken our dance and open our hearts to celebrate the full moon of Summer. 

Cacao Provided by Neil Dumra of 3rd Eye Tonic

Ceremony led by Jenna Jasso

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Purposeful Leader Activation

SUNDAY 10:30am in Love Bubble

You are powerful. You are purposeful. You have a vision and we are here to support you in creating your dream!  Drop the limiting beliefs and confront your obstacles.  In this workshop we will awaken inner guidance and vision, be heard and witnessed, and create a plan of action for the next steps of your path. 

with Jenna Jasso & Michael Fenchel

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9 breath sound bath

SUNDAY 9:30am  in Love Bubble

A blissful blend of breathwork and sound to uplift, transcend.

with Markbob Babaji


specialtea time


Back by popular demand... we will have GongFu Cha service throughout the weekend for your sipping pleasures. A taste of Chinese culture under the stars, and Full Moon!


With Charles Holmes

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Pandorastar - hypnagogic light experience


A deep trance meditation device, PandoraStar uses flickering light to guide you into experiencing beneficial brainwave activity. An immersive meditation experience under the full moon and stars ✨

Healing Entertainment


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DJ Raindro  - Full Moon Dance - Prayer prance

SATURDAY 10pm-12am in Love Bubble


We'll let loose and shake it all about under the full moon! with DJ Raindro

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SOUNDSELF is a sensual exploration game about the intrinsic pleasure of playing, instead of the rewards of winning YOU use your voice to explore a hypnotic world of sounds and visuals that feel like they are emerging directly from your body. Each tone will navigate you through strobing tunnels-of-light, impossible shapes, and into a meditative trance. The result is elegant symmetry of image, sound, and body, that takes advantage of loopholes in the way you perceive, to facilitate a new experience of yourself and your world.  

Brought to you by Robin Arnott, Creator of Soundself

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SATURDAY 10pm-12am in Love Bubble

providing eclectic rhythms from around the cosmos. surprises and sudden turns await you, the only thing you can expect is that you will be dancing!