Campout Workshops, Artists, & Offerings

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Living the Dream Circuit

This will be a class that will teach about dreams, symbols in dreams and how to understand and apply them to everyday life. There will be group sharing and group dream analysis as well as one on one sessions available.

 with Golbahar Dadyan

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Reiki Love & Meditation

A guided meditation with deep relaxation breath work, reiki attunements and basic principles for partner healing shares.

with Diana Lane

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Kundalini Activation

Kundalini Shakti is our untapped creative soul-power that can be awakened through Yogic techniques. We will experience this energy through Prana-building kriyas, breath control, and devotional chanting with live music.


with Joshua Param Sevak

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Tapping into the Wisdom of Your Subconscious

Brian will give a presentation that outlines the structure of the mind and ways that we can use both our conscious and subconscious minds to create what we desire. Brian & Golbahar will then give a reading for a randomly chosen participant that will demonstrate one of the more advanced ways we can access subconscious wisdom.

with Brian Kraichely & Golbahar Dadyan

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Thai Yoga & Partner Massage

Melt into blissful radiance with Thai Yoga & Partner Massage. Enjoy this beautiful, guided flow through traditional Thai moves - perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit. ॐ


with Meera Hoffman

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Intro to Acro

Grab your yoga mats and prepare to take flight! Together we will create a safe and playful environment to explore the strength that arises when we allow ourselves to trust one another. No partner or experience necessary. All experience levels are welcome.

with Katrina and Chris of Empowered Acro

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Full Moon Fire Ceremony & Meditation

Fire Ceremony and Meditation. We will recite the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, followed by 15 minutes of group meditation. The Mantra means "Victory Over Death." It is a life-sustaining practice, the chanting of which enables us to achieve victory in life, open our third eye, and experience oneness with our eternal selves.

with Gautham Bodepudi


Guan Yin Tea House

Guan Yin is a community tea house serving Austin, Texas.  Our goal is to spread Chinese tea culture and the art of gong fu cha, or tea service. We offer farm-direct tea and artisan teaware, as well as tea tastings, classes, and workshops. 


With West China Tea Company


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Randi Indra

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Lillian Eve Moore